Clinical Consideration in Aeromedical Transport (CCAT) Course

Asian Assistance is proud to be the organizer and host of the CCAT course in Asia since year 2017 and we have the pleasure to announce that the successful training courses will resume after Covid-19 pandemic.

 Next courses are scheduled on 19 – 28 September 2023

(19 – 23 September 2023 for Foundation Level Course and 24 – 28 September 2023 for Higher level course)


About the Course

The courses intend to provide a unique opportunity for current and potential professionals to gain, update, refresh, and exchange knowledge and skills in transferring patients around the world, as well as to achieve a deep understanding and professional approach to patient transfer with the guidance of experts in aviation physiology, retrieval medicine, intensive care, emergency medicine, and prehospital care. 

We currently run 2 courses:

  • CCAT Foundation Level
  • CCAT Higher Level

Both courses are aimed for doctors, nurses and paramedics and or other medical assistance or travel insurance professionals who are already or preparing to work as flight medical crew, and for other health care professionals who wish to work in the patient air transport system.
The courses provides a thorough training in aeromedical transport of ill & injured, retrieval medicine, repatriation and aspects of aerospace medicine concerning medical air travel.

See below for further details of each course.

Foundation Level course (5 Days) 

A five-day introductory professional development course for doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other healthcare professionals who currently work in patient air transport systems, or those who wish to do so, include pre-course teaching packs.  

Face-to-face lessons include

Part 1 (Basic Sciences). These two days are devoted entirely to the relevant principles of aviation and environmental physiology and are cornerstones to the clinical and logistic principles of aeromedical care. This part of the curriculum is considered so significant that it has its own examination, independent of the final course exam. 

Part 2 (Clinical Sciences). The three-day level course covers clinical aspects of transport medicine with a focus on fixed-wing and helicopter flight. It provides the necessary context for making sound and safe decisions about fitness to fly, as well as predicting potential aeromedical problems. 

Higher Level Course (5 Days) 

Part 1 (Transport and Retrieval Medicine). A three-day course that extents the knowledge and skills learned at Foundation Level. It focuses on complex clinical and logistic topics. The course offers a natural extension and overlap of basic concepts by the introduction of more complex topics and by the development of new ways of thinking and decision-making in aeromedical transport scenarios. The program looks at sub-specialty transports (such as pediatrics and neonatal) as well as covers complex logistic aeromedical missions, such as the carriage of bariatric and contagious patients, as well as those patients with emotional, mental, behavioral and/or learning challenges. 

 ​Part 2 (Management of Complex issue). A two-day advanced course for graduates of previous CCAT courses and others with appropriate experience in aeromedical retrieval and transport. It looks at the complexities of planning and operating repatriation missions using Commercial Airline Medical teams and Medical Assistance services. It is an advanced generic study day that looks at complex clinical, logistic, operations and/or medicolegal issues of the day. 


CCAT Foundation Level a course designed to give a special opportunity for existing and potential professional to gain, update, refresh and exchange knowledge and skills in transferring patients around the globe, and to achieve a deep understanding and professional approach to patient’s transfer with the guidance of experts in aviation physiology, retrieval medicine, intensive care, emergency medicine and prehospital care.

The course is aimed for doctors, nurses and paramedics who are ready or preparing to work as flight medical crew, and for other health care professionals who wish to work in the patient air transport system. The course will provide a thorough training in aeromedical transport of ill & injured, retrieval medicine, repatriation and aspects of aerospace medicine concerning medical air travel.

The course addresses relevant issues of the special physical, physiological and psychological stresses which are important in the various transport environments, and describes the conditions which are susceptible during transfer by land and by air and how patients can be safely and efficiently carried. The course includes practical and interactive professional visits.

Commercial Repatriation and Medical Assistance (CRaMA) and Aeromedical Crew Resource Management (AmCRM) is a course for doctors, nurses and other medical assistance or travel insurance professionals who already passed the foundation level and who requires an in depth understanding of the logistic and operational aspects of organising successful commercial repatriations. AmCRM is a unique Human Factors course covering the origin and evolution of errors and mishaps which can occur in aeromedical practice, and how to avoid or mitigate them.

This course covers cover the topics of introduction of World travel and health, structure of the industry, relationship with travel insurance, medicolegal aspects, duty and standard of care, complexities of case management overseas, risk analysis, systems to prevent errors and failings, logistics and medical management, repatriation demographics, security and duty of care to transport staff with sections of simple and major complex case studies in groups.


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